Is GA4 adding Optizime, renaming it to Experience?

Craig Sullivan, a prominent authority in the Web Analytics, UX and Experimentation field, shared a screenshot from one of his Google Analytics 4 (GA4) accounts.

He wrote in his LinkedIn message:

“Now that’s interesting. Haven’t seen that screen in GA4 before!

Anyone else out there seeing this experiences icon and tab on the UI like me? Have I struck gold on a new beta? Is this a bug?”

and here is the screenshot her shared

Another Twitter thread mentioned that this screenshot was shared by a few others on LinkedIn.

Now, we looked at several of our accounts but did not find “Experience” in any of them. So maybe some of the users who saw are part of A/B testing or a beta release.

So seems like Google Optimize is not dead, it will likely become part of GA4.

Can you check your account and see if you have this feature in your GA4 account?

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