Changes in GA4 Attribution Models

Starting September 20203, GA4 is making changes to their attribution models.

The first-click, linear, time-decay, and position-based attribution models will be removed from the attribution reportsproperty-level reporting-model setting, and Admin API. Cross-channel data-driven attribution, cross-channel last click, and Ads preferred last click will continue to be available.

You will start to see the impact of these changes starting in May. In May any newly created properties will no longer be able to select these models.

As per google: Rules-based attribution models assign value to each advertising touchpoint based on predefined rules. These models don’t provide the flexibility needed to adapt to evolving consumer journeys. Data-driven attribution uses advanced AI to understand the impact each touchpoint has on a conversion. That’s why we made data-driven attribution the default attribution model in Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads. For these reasons, first click, linear, time decay, and position-based attribution models across Google Analytics 4 will be going away.

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