What Does Search as a Source Mean in Organic (Search Engine) Report in Google Analytics

In last article I showed you how to add custom search engines in Search Engines report in Google Analytics. If you add a new search engine in you report that uses “search” as sub domain for the search engine then you might see them listed as “Search” instead of the actual search engine name.

For example if you want to add a search engine called “GooYahBing” to you search engine report you would you the following code
_gaq.push([‘_addOragnic’,’GooYahBing’, ‘s’]);

(the new search engine passes the keyword in query parameter called “s”).
You would expect this search engine to show up as “GooYahBing” in your search engines report.
However if this search engine uses a subdomain called “search” to conduct searches then then Google Analytics sees something like this as the referring page http://search.gooyahbing.com ?s=google+analytics+premium

The Google Analytics custom search engine addition code looks for the first word other than www in the referring domain and uses that as the name of the search engine. Hence you will see “Search” instead of “GooYahBing” in the search engine report.

The traffic stats that you see listed for “Search” in your reports are aggregate of all the search engine that use “search” as the subdomain for their search engine and traffic from Search.com.


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