Where is the Old Version of Google Analytics Reports?

Google Analytics recently switched all accounts to the new reporting interface. Earlier there used to be a link on top right hand corner to switch between old version and new version but that link is no longer there. Don’t worry the old version is still there but the link has now been moved to the bottom of the page. Not sure how long the old version will live but for now it is there. I suggest you get used to the new version as quickly as you can.


5 thoughts on “Where is the Old Version of Google Analytics Reports?”

  1. Thank you! This post was a major help, after discovering the regular link to old version was gone. Any chance you know where the link “import your custom reports from old version” can be found now?

  2. Yes, but that´s the old analytics of each page. Where is the old home page of Google Analytics, with the preview of all pages?


  3. In Google Analytics old version-reporting link also open as new version. where can i find the old version link.

  4. Same for me… link named “Old Version Reporting actually redirects to the new interface, which is very annoying… it would seem like if Google has been “learning” from Microsoft, how to force users into using a newer product that isn’t any better… this new mandatory interface is something like the “Windows Vista” of Analytics…

  5. The new version of analytics has been forced upon us. The older version was easily navigated and reports simplified. I am not able to import any of my reports over the last 2 years. I have lost important data and can’t even contact them for help.

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