What is _utmv Google Analytics Cookie?

In this post I will explain _utmv cookie, one of the many cookies Google Analytics uses. This cookie is used to track the customer variable that you set in your code.

_utmv cookie consists of two parts separated by “.”

  1. A hash key that identifies the domain and is unique for each domain
  2.   Details about the custom variable that you set

The final cookie looks like this
[domain identifier].[User Defined]|[customer variable 1]^[Customer variable2]^….
Custom variable data is separated by = and the values you see in your cookie will be only for visitor level customer variable. You won’t see session level and page level custom variable.

Here is a example of how the cookie looks


  1. 133458700 is domain hash
  2. User Defined value (set useing _setVar is empty so you see a . followed by |)
  3. 1=Registered=Yes=1 is the 1st variable that was set   You can interpret it as

[custom variable slot]=[customer variable name]=[custom variable value]=[scope of custom variable , 1 means visitor level custom variable]
3=UserID=30666=1 is the 2nd variable that was set
4=Cookie=30666=1 is the 3rd variable that was set


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