What Does “(not provided)” Keyword Means in Google Analytics?

Lately you must have noticed that “(not provided)” is listed as a keyword in your Organic Search Traffic report. For a lot of profiles that I have checked, it is the top keyword.

But what does this keyword actually mean?
Let me tell you that nobody is searching on “(not provided)”. Recently, Google, the search engine, started encrypting searches for user logged into their Google account while searching. So instead of http:// they are directed to a secured page with https://. As a result of this encryption, the keyword is not readable by Google Analytics and hence is marked as (not provided).


3 thoughts on “What Does “(not provided)” Keyword Means in Google Analytics?”

  1. Whoo..that helped me! I was thinking it was some problem with the site. So relieved to hear that they are actual visitors from search engines. Thank you for the post.

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