Tracking Campaigns in both Google Analytics and Omniture Site Catalyst

If you are using both Google Analytics and Omniture Site Catalyst then you know that both these tools require different campaign variables to track campaigns. So what are the ways you can satisfy the requirements of both the tools so that you can see campaign performance in both of them.

Option 1 (Best Option): Use multiple query parameters

For GA you should use utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium

For Omniture add another parameter say ocid


Option 2: Use one set of variables for one tools and convert them for other tool

For example: If you have GA enabled campaigns with only utm_campaign, utm_source and utm_medium already running then you can campture google campaign variables in javascript code , concatenate them to create a single value and then set that value in Omniture s.campaign variable.



Capture all the Google Analytics campaign variables in a JavaScript code as

campaignvalue = ‘spring : msn : banner’

The set this as the value for s.campaign value in Omniture

s.campaign = campaignvalue;


3 thoughts on “Tracking Campaigns in both Google Analytics and Omniture Site Catalyst”

  1. Why wouldn’t you simply capture all the GA parameters as separate eVars inside Omniture? E.g. set Omniture campaign variable to capture utm_campaign, then utm_source to eVar1 and utm_medium to eVar2 ?

    1. Dan,

      If you use several eVars, that means that you need to maintain it separately for classification saint aspect. It is better to but all the campaign code in the s.campaign and declare a SAINT classification to qualify it.

      Your solution could be used if :
      – you don’t need to decode the parameters (understandable codes in the reports for all your users)
      – you use site catalyst v15 to be able to breakdown from one eVars to an other (full relation)

  2. Is it possible that we use the Omniture campaign IDs (scid) in GA to track campaigns in GA?

    I have a campaign running which is being tracked in Omniture. I was wondering if in GA I can go into Admin>Tracking>Advanced and then select “My online campaigns from other providers use different tags than those used by Google Analytics”. Here is it possible to indicate that all referrals with “scid” be recognised and reported as a campaign?

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