How to Remove Duplicate Home Pages in Google Analytics

In your Google Analytics Site Content à Pages reports you might have noticed that sometimes the home page or the main page of a subdirectory is shown in two separate lines (see below).

The reason for it is that Google Analytics takes the URL as it shows in the browser and if they don’t match it considers them as two different URLs.


If a visitor directly comes to this site the user will see but if the visitor clicks on a page that take the visitor back to the home page but this time appends the URI for the home page i.e. index.htm then visitor will see

So in Google Analytics Site Content àPages Reports you will see 2 rows

  1. /
  2. index.htm

How To Fix the Problem?

For Google Analytics to consider both the URLs are the same page, you have to configure Google Analytics to always append index.htm (or whatever your home page is e.g. default.asp etc.) as the default page .

  1. Go to your “Profile Settings” page of your Google Analytics Profile – Check How To Delete a Google Analytics Profile post to learn how to go to “Profile Settings” section.
  2. There you will find a section called “Default page”. Enter the name of your home page there e.g. index.htm in this case
  3. Hit the “Apply” button at the bottom of this Profile Settings page and you are done. This will fix your problem.

Also see How to Rename URLs in Google Analytics


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