How to Give Access To Others To Your Google Analytics Reports

Before you give access to anybody you need to decide the level of control you want the new user to have and what profiles you want to give access to

User Role:

There are two levels of access

  1. User
  2. Administrator

User access level only allows the new user to see the reports only in the profiles that the user is given access to.

Administrator Access allows the user to see reports for all the profiles in an account and also allows them to perform Administrative functions such as add new users, create filters, create new profiles etc. (These administrative tasks will be covered later)

To start adding a user, go to the “Settings” section of Account, Property or a Profile and clicking on the ”Users” tab.


When you click on “New User” shown above, you will be taken to the screen below.  This is where you can provide access.

Note: The email address that you are adding as a user should have a Google Account. If the user does not have an account then he/she will be asked to create one using the same email address.


In the above form

  1. Add the email address of the person
  2. Assign a role
  3. Select the profile from “Available Profiles” section on the left hand side
  4. Click on “Add” button in the middle
  5. The profile will be added to to the right hand side box and will be removed from the left hand box
  6. Click on Create User and you are done



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