How To Delete a Profile in Google Analytics

Below are the steps to delete a profile in Google Analytics.

  • There is a “Wheel” icon on the right hand side on Google Analytics (see below). Click on that icon to go to “Setting” section of your Google Analytics account.


  • Select the profile that you want to delete from the “Profile” dropdown and the click on “Profile Settings” (see below)


  • Once on the “Profile Settings” tab, scroll down and there is a “Delete Profile” option on bottom right corner. Click on it and then the next screen confirm that you want to delete it.


4 thoughts on “How To Delete a Profile in Google Analytics”

  1. ell I want to say genuinely thanks you very much since trying to delete my analytics account was driving me MAD, I was losing my MIND, whichj is surelyt just what they want (make it real hard to delete), and now I FINALLY, after wasting tons and tons of TIME AND NERVES, I got it thanks to your info here, THANKS YOU VERY OH SO MUCH!!!!!


  2. Thank the gods. I’d found this setting once before and remembered how nightmarish a task it was. Couldn’t find it today, not even in the Analytics help section. GA has one of the worst designed user interfaces ever! Thank you for a dose of clarity – and sanity.

  3. Hi

    I am having a major problem as there is no gear wheel icon in the orange toolbar at the top of my Analytics page – only a help button – and I have no way of deleting a couple of websites that I no longer manage!

    I have 25 listed URLs and that apparently is the maximum quota allowed. So I am unable to add my new websites!

    Please help!

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