How to Create Goals in Google Analytics

To Create Goals

  1. Click on the Admin link in the profile you want to create the goals in. Admin link is located on the right hand side (see image below)
  2. Click on a +Goal under the Goal Set you want to create this goal under (Also see – What are Goals and Goal Sets in Google Analytics)
  3. On the next screen
    1. Give the Goal a name
    2. Chose “Active” or Inactive” – Inactive means that data won’t be tracked. You will want to do this if you no longer need that goal but do not want to delete it.
    3. Choose The “Goal Type” – Goals are based on URL, Time on Site metrics, Page Views/Visit metrics and Events. Choose the type and it will open a new screen depending on the type you selected. (See below for the various types)
  4. Once all the data is entered click on “Save” button and your goal will be created.
  5. You will start to see these goals in your reports (refer back to “Goals and Goal Sets” post to see the reports)

Various “Goal Types”

There are 4 goals types currently supported in Google Analytics (see the screen above)

  1. URL Destination – You can choose any URL(s) that you want as an end action e.g. thankyou.html
  2. Time on Site – Pick a time that indicates that your site is successful in accomplishing the goals. E.g. visits that spend over 10 mins
  3. Page View/Visit – Pick number of page views/visit that indicate success e.g. visits that viewed more than 7 pages
  4. Event – Choose any event(s) that you want to track as end action

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