How are the Google Analytics Reports Organized

Google Analytics reports are organized into 3 tabs

  1. Home Tab – This tab contains “Real Time Reporting”, Intelligence Events and Dashboards
  2. Standard Reporting – This tab contains most of the report that you will use on regular basis
  3. Custom Reporting – This tab has an option to create custom reports and will also list all the custom reports that have been created in that profile.

When you first log into Google Analytics, you will be taken to a screen with a list of all your accounts and properties.

Click on a property to see a list of all the Profiles underneath in.



(If you are not familiar with Account, Properties and Profiles then see How Google Analytics Account are Structured)

Click on the profile that you want to see the reports for and it will take you into a section of Google Reports called “Standard Reporting”.  These are the reports that will use most of the time.

I will describe these sections in details in upcoming posts.

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