How Are Google Analytics Accounts Structured

Google Analytics account are structured in three layers

  1. Account – Account is the top level classification. Each company should ideally have one account. If you are implementing Google Analytics for your client then create a separate account for them. You have to start with an account before implementing Google Analytics.
  2. Properties – Properties are underneath an account.  Property is generally tied to a site or an application e.g. mobile app, however you can decide how you want to organize your sites. Each property gets a unique Google Analytics tracking code. If you have multiple sites then you might arrange them in separate properties under same account. Having them in separate properties will give you a separate tracking code for each of them.
  3. Profiles – Profiles are individual set of Google Analytics reports that you create for a property. You can have multiple profiles under the same property. You would want to do that if you want to apply some kind of filter to create a different view of your data e.g. a profile for internal traffic only, a profile for external traffic only and a profile for all traffic.

User Access

User can be assigned to Account, Property or only a Profile. You can do so by going to the “Settings” section of Account, Property or a Profile and clicking on the ”Users” tab.

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