Get Google Analytics Help When You Need It

GAPremium is a Google Analytics expert consulting company.  We know Google Analytics in and out and that’s what we focus on.  If you need help with Google Analytics then we have the resources for you.

How is GAPremium Different from other Analytics Consulting Companies?

  1. We only focus on Google Analytics and related technologies only.
  2. We offer support for Google Analytics when you need and never lock you in for a long term contract
  3. Even if you need someone for few hours then we have the resources for you.
  4. We support your business 7 days a week

For Companies

  1. Get help when you need and as much you need. Minimum 1 hour commitment
  2. Get you internal technical teams trained in Google Analytics
  3. Get your business users trained in using Google Analytics to make data driven decisions

For Agencies

  1. White label our services and solutions
  2. Build you internal competency and internal team with help of our experts
  3. Tap into our resources as needed

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Google Shuts Down Urchin

Urchin was what gave birth to Google Anayltics. Google bought Urchin Software  in 2005 and morphed it into Google Analytics, the on-demanded hosted solutions. Urchin was still kept alive to date as a log file based on-premise solution.  Google has not decided to shut it down too.

You can read more about it on the Google Analytics offical blog,