5 Online Google Analytics Courses You Might Like

Few Online Courses to Learn Google Analytics

I came across few online courses on Google Analytics that might help you as you are learning or improving your Google Analytics skills.  I have not personally not gone trhough these courses so can’t vouch for how good they are but I have used the reviews of others, who have taken these courses, to rank them.

If you have an online course that you teach or love, then send me the link to include it in this list.

    1. Google Analytics for Beginners – Learn to use Google Analytics for uncovering actionable data and growing your business online.
    2. The Complete Google Analytics Course For Beginners – Learn Google analytics and its strategies to increase the traffic and sales of your business
    3. Google Analytics Mastery – Sky rocket marketing results through the power of data analysis and Google Analytics!
    4. Google Analytics 2015: Turn Data Into Strategic Decisions – Google Analytics: Grow your business by setting goals, tracking marketing analytics & performing business analysis
    5. Google Analytics Fundamentals – Learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics including core concepts, the interface, using reports and customization.687474703a2f2f7777772e6461696d746f2e636f6d2f77702d636f6e74656e742f75706c6f6164732f323031332f31312f676f6f676c652d616e616c79746963732e706e67


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