How to Change the 500 Row Limit in Google Analytic Reports

Most of Google Analytics reports are capped at 500 rows. For example you can only see up to 500 keywords that drove traffic to your site even if there were more than 500 keywords.

You can change this upper limit by a simple hack.

  1. Go to the report that you want to change the limit for.
  2. Select the number of records to something more than default of 10 e.g. pick 25.
  3. Now look at your address bar, the url for that report will contain the number of the rows that you selected in step 2 above.[number identifying the profile]/%3Fexplorer-table.rowStart%3D0%26explorer-table.rowCount%3D25/  
    (The URL contains the number of records to show).
  4. Change that number of records to show to a number that you want, say 5000 and hit enter.[number identifying the profile]/%3Fexplorer-table.rowStart%3D0%26explorer-table.rowCount%3D5000/
  5. Voila! Now you will see 5000 records in the report.
  6. If you will this need over and over then just book mark the URL else you will have to change this limit every time you want to see more than 500 records.

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